Junior Racing Team

Junior Racing Team

The Grapevine Junior Racing Team is supported through a collaboration of the Grapevine Sailing Club and GCSEF (Grapevine Community Sailing Education Fund). All of the team's participants are members of the Grapevine Sailing Club while GCSEF provides boats for use and instructional courses. By working together, the two organizations are able to provide support to junior sailors to help them achieve their sailing goals. 

GCSEF hosts a summer camp every year which teaching 150+ kids to sail from our community. May of our Jr sailors have been to camp  and gone on to coach at the summer camp. 


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The age range for the race team is 8-20. Team members must have a good understanding of sailing. For beginner/new sailors, please look at our Summer Camps.

Come Try a Practice!

The race team has multiple practices every month, and we are always looking for new members. If you meet the prerequisites, reach out to us, and we will arrange a time for you to try out a practice.

Interested in Joining the Race Team?

If you have tried out a race team practice and want to join the race team, complete the Annual Team Sign Up Form. If you would like to charter a boat, complete the Boat Chartering Form. For any questions, reach out to us.

Returning Members

Please complete the Annual Team Sign Up Form every season to be on the Grapevine Junior Sailing Team. 

Charter Renewal

If you have decided to charter a boat for more than one year, complete the Boat Chartering Form at the beginning of every season.

Resources for Members

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