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Sailing Gear

Always bring with you

Sun Screen

Water Bottle


Wrist Watch


Dry Bag - Snack

Change of clothes

Jr Life Jacket

Gill Life Jacket  (Gill Link)

Zhik Life Jacket (Zhik Link)

Standard Life Jacket    (Amazon Link)

*The jacket does not have to be one of these brands but they are recommended. 

Water Helmet
Helmet Designed for the water

Sailing Helmet 

Wakeboard Helmet   (Amazon Link)

Sailing Gloves

There is a big difference between sailing gloves and work gloves. Be sure to make sure you get a good pair of sailing gloves. 

Sailing gloves 
(Amazon Link)

Water Shoe

Close toe is recommended for debris getting in and out of the water

Any shoe is good 
(Amazon Link)


This is a must for cold weather sailing. 

Wetsuit (Amazon Link)


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