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Spring Series 2022



Spring Series 2022


Grapevine, TX

Notice Board

Spring Races - Skipper's Meeting
Saturday, March 12th, 11:00am – 12:00pm
Mandatory Training Session for Fleet 7 skippers
Saturday, March 12th, 9:00 - 11:00am

Spring 1 - Saturday March 12th 1:00 PM
Spring 2 - Saturday March 19th 1:00 PM
Spring 3 - Saturday, March 26th 1:00 PM
Spring 4 - Saturday, April 2nd 1:00 PM
Spring 5 - Saturday, April 9th 1:00 PM
Spring 6 - Saturday, May 21st 1:00 PM

Bad Weather Make-up day: Sunday April 10th 1:00pm

Spring Series Awards Ceremony - Immediately Following the Races
Saturday, May 21st, 4:00 – 6:00pm
  • All competitors must make a PHRF Declaration: GSC Spring PHRF Rating Request
  • 2022 GSC Base PHRF Handicaps and Adjustments
  • GSC PHRF Procedure
  • PHRF Ratings for all boats is available in "Race Docs". The ratings are one page per registered skipper, in alphabetical order of the skipper's surname.
  • An amendment to the Sailing Instructions has been posted which mandates that every skipper carries a VHF radio.
  • For the consideration of being allowed to participate in the 2022 GSC Frostbite Series, I hereby release Grapevine Sailing Club, its officers and agents from any and all liabilities incurred by me, my guests, family or crew. I do hereby certify that I maintain an active insurance policy on my boat and that this policy provides coverage while racing in these events. I understand that I am obliged to contact my Fleet Captain and make myself available for race committee duty and that failure on my part to do so could result in my best score being thrown out, or that I may not be allowed to participate in the following race series or event.
  • NOTE: In order to comply with various online privacy guidelines, GSC will treat the information for registrants under the age of 18 differently than for that of adults. As such our service provider will record the registrant's birth date in order to know which information needs to receive special treatment and which does not. For those concerned about their privacy, they can always enter the date they wish was their birth date, or an alternative date (example 12/12/1912).


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Entry List

Spring Series 2022 registrations.

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All Classes

Fleet 7 - Intro Fleet

Fleet 1 - Light Displacement

Fleet 2 - Mixed PHRF - Cruiser / Racers - Spinnaker

Fleet 3 - Mixed PHRF - Cruiser / Racers - Non Spinnaker

Fleet 4 - Catalina 22 One Design

Fleet 5 - Heavy Displacement

Fleet 6 - Multi Hull