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Thursday Night Practice 3/29
By Michael Lipari
Posted on 3/29/2018 1:18 PM
Tonight we will work on downwind sailing.  Focus on Setting, jibing and dowsing your spinnaker or Whisker Pole.  Come out and join us at 6:00 - leave dock at 6:30 - note description of drill on Facebook with diagram of course.

Downwind Drills



The objective is two fold:  First make sure that you are getting your boat set for the next leg as you are within 1-2 boat lengths from the mark.  For the upwind, that means pulling on your outhaul, backstay, Cunningham vang, getting all sheets ready to trim on proper side (etc.).  For downwind, that means easy these items either right before the mark or right after.


The second objective is to improve your sets, douses and jibes.  This is true whether you are flying spinnaker or wing on wing.



A windward/leeward course will be set with 4 marks in a row.  The windward mark will be the furthest up wind.  During the first rounding, go from the windward mark to the furthest leeward mark.  Between the two marks, you need to set, jibe and douse, as well as setting all control lines for that leg.  Once you have successfully completed the course to the furthest leeward mark, than you will do it to the second furthest (giving you less time to complete your set, jibe and douse).  Once you complete the course to the second furthest a few times successfully, you need to go to the first (shortest course) leeward mark. 


Note the longest course will only be about .20 to .25 of a mile (about the length of first nights course) and the shortest will be about .08 of a mile.













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