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Learn to Sail during our...

2020 Annual Sailing Seminar 
July 11-12 & 18-19

The seminar consists of 4 days over two weekends of both classroom and on-the-water training by a certified instructor.  

Do you find yourself wanting to explore something different during the summer? Do you like to be around the water? Do you like to get away from city life for a few hours? Do you wish you had an opportunity to take a vacation to exotic beach locations?

Don't settle for this:
Learn to sail and live these lives:
When you know how to sail your opportunities are only bound by your own limitations. Wherever there is water and a sailboat there is an opportunity awaiting.

GSC Sailing Seminar is the best value for the money. When you finish this class you will know without a doubt if this is a new sport/hobby for you.

Morning Session classroom: Learn everything from water safety, knot tying, points of sail, parts of the sailboat, water indicators, tacking and jibing, to anchoring.

Afternoon Session on the water: Grab some lunch, meet your Skippers and crew, board your assigned boat, and sail for the rest of the afternoon. Your Skippers will help reinforce what you've learned in class that day!

You will have a chance to sail on 4 different-sized sailboats ranging from 22ft.-34ft. and learn from our seasoned skippers! On these boats you will not be just going for a ride (unless that is what you want), you will be given the controls to drive and trim the sails under the supervision of the boat's Skipper.

For only $250 you get over the four day course:
At least 10 hours of classroom instruction
At least 12 hours of on-the-water sailing experience
Sailing Instructions book on a flash drive
Continental Breakfast

Questions? Contact Eric Bechtel

 Learn something new, relax on the water, meet new friends ...
acquire a new lifelong hobby.


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In sailing, there is always something new to learn to make your sailing experiences more enjoyable and safe. See you in class!