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Frostbite Series Crew - Don't Panic
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I just joined the GSC and am on the waiting list for the SailAway program. I only have a little racing experience, but owned and sailed a Starwind 22 (the old Chrysler 22) for 30+ years on the Chesapeake (out of Oxford, MD).

I retired and moved here a year ago from the Eastern Shore -- looking forward to getting back on the water. Contact me any time you need some crew.


Hello, yes i am certainly interested depending on dates/times.

Hi Bill, I will give you a call. 

We could still use additional crew so if there is anyone who is still looking for a spot feel free to call or text me at 

Hi Jane,

I'm new to the club and very interested in crewing.  I've got some sailing experience from some time ago but want to get back into it.

Let me know what the next step might be. 

Bill Holmes
972 821-9144
Don't Panic is looking for 1-2 crew members for Frostbite Series and beyond. All levels of experience are welcomed. We are new to racing, enjoy being competitive, having fun and learning new skills. 

Sail away members If you have ever thought about racing here is an opportunity. 

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